Diwologue is a collaborative art and research project by Marc Garrett and Ruth Catlow.

What does Diwologue mean?

Diwologue combines two terms, DIWO and dialogue.

Do-It-With-Others (DIWO) evolves from the Do-It-Yourself ethos of early tactical media and Net Art which used the developing global digital networks as an experimental artistic medium and system for distribution and intervention. DIWO is an open and collaborative approach to making and appreciating art in the context of contemporary communication and exchange in social spaces (online and in physical space). Peers connect, communicate and collaborate, generating controversies, structures and culture.*

A Dialogue is a conversation between two or more entities.

The entities engaged in Diwologue are Marc Garrett, Ruth Catlow, a network of practicioners and the various media, techniques and resources of Net Art: interpersonal experience, public exchange, new media theories, big social issues, media archives, technologies (hardware, software, socialware, affordances) and economies (free, gift, corporate and commercial).



DIWO was first explored by contributors to the NetBehaviour email list in the form of the DIWO E-Mail-Art exhibition at HTTP Gallery in February 2007.

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